English Courses Offered

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An open book, an open notebook with a pen ready for writing, and with a full bookshelf in the background.
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The core English Language Arts courses help students develop greater interest and independence in their writing.   Two of our flagship courses are Introduction to Freewriting and our Literature Circles.  Both courses are designed to foster greater freedom and enjoyment for our students as they engage with reading and writing.

Cartoon representation of four people using social media tools to communicate.
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In response to new requirements by the Illinois State Board of Education, I'm adding courses to our syllabus that will provide greater exposure to digital tools and foreign languages and cultures.  To maintain student engagement, these courses will provide access to new tools while also giving students wide latitude to select topics of personal interest.

Diagram of cartoon gears with symbols representing careers, income, ideas, and goals.
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Given YouthBuild's emphasis on vocational training, a number of English courses focus on content related to future careers.  These career-centered English courses will focus on our three Vocation Tracks:

Science, Writing, and History

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In this course, students have an opportunity to gain a general overview of the basic principles of chemistry, and then choose the assignment track that best aligns with their educational goals.  Whether learning to balance stoichiometric equations or researching the historical origins of alchemy, this course will offer a wide range for students to explore.

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