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English 10.4: Digital Yearbook Publishing

Overview: Representing an Organization


Digital Literacy Requirements

Following guidelines from the Illinois State Board of Education, this English Language Arts course is designed to provide a technology intensive experience that prepares students to use a wide range of digital tools.  As this course is developed, a set of webpages will guide students through the various technologies available for achieving specific purposes.  For this course, we'll focus on the Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Sites, and Slides) along with options for publication through other methods (e.g. WordPress, Tumblr, Amazon Kindle, and others).

Learning Outcomes

The Yearbook and Anthology Publishing Course is designed to help students directly engage in communications related to their lives and organizations.  To foster collaboration among students and further the YouthBuild mission, students in this course will gather information about YBMC, explain the nature and impact of these events through written and visual genres, and then share their work online with outside audiences.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

Course Outline

Google Docs

  • 5 Class Sessions
  • 3 Articles
  • 1,500 Words

Google Slides

  • 5 Class Sessions
  • 3 Interviews
  • 500 Words
  • 5-Minute Presentation

Google Sites

  • 5 Class Sessions
  • 3 Online Sources
  • 1,500 Words

Google Forms

  • 2 Class Sessions
  • 1 Interview
  • 500 Words

Google Sheets

  • 3 Class Sessions
  • 500 Words

Detailed Description

ELA 10.4: (Technology Intensive)

01998A000 - English Language and Literature-Workplace Experience

For the yearbook course, students will prepare a retrospective book describing the people, experiences, and activities of YouthBuild McLean County.  Photos and articles may be shared on the YBMC website or via newsletters, and the finished yearbook will be prepared as a single PDF ready for outside printing or online sharing.  This is an ideal continuation of ELA 09.4.  (Note: although the projects may overlap with ELA 09.4, the work for one class cannot be counted as credit for the other.)  Readings include 10 articles about book publishing or in the focus genre, 20 discussions (which may include interviews), 10 pages (2,500 words) describing events or history from YBMC, and 10 pages of personal reflection (2,500 words).  Optionally, this project can use an anthology approach — students may solicit submissions from classmates and YBMC staff, and the arrangement and editing of these submissions would count toward the discussions requirement.  Or students who prefer working independently may produce their own collections of short stories or poetry, and then use digital tools to produce a coherent work for outside audiences.

Readings (R): 10 genre articles

Research Writing (RW): 10 pages

Discussions (D): 20 (mtgs + interviews)

Creative Writing (CW): 10 pages

Course Variations

For students who want to take different approaches to the course, there are two key alternatives:

Print-On-Demand through Amazon

For students who’d prefer physical copies of their work, we’ll shift the focus from Google Docs and Slides to instead formatting Microsoft Word and PDF\ documents to fit the needs of Amazon Kindle and Print-On-Demand.  Google Sites will be designed as a promotional tool for the finished print product, along with the addition of order forms.

Creative Writing and Research Anthologies

For students with interests in specific topics, this course will guide them through the process of producing creative or informative works for online or print publication.  For those who wish to share personal narratives over a course of time, blogging sites such as WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr may be used in place of Google Sites.

Overall Course Objectives


To comfortably complete this class, a typing speed of 30 words per minute is recommended.  Here are sources students can use to build speed:

Online Course Development